Full Photo Cover Fine Art Albums

Photo albums have been around for a long time and as a kid, I remember we had a few in our house. To this day, my dad loves to bring out his photo albums stocked with yellowing prints of my grandmother and the generations that followed.

How great is it to see yourself and your family across generations through albums!

IMG_0122 copy.jpg

Thankfully, albums have been gotten a much needed update and have now become these beautiful flush mount, lay-flat, works of art that can sit on your coffee table for all to enjoy time and time again.

You probably thought albums were only for weddings, but no, they are perfect for family portraits as well!

All of the albums that I offer come with a custom full photo cover and the title on the spine. Choose from smaller sizes like the 6x6 or premium in the 12x12 size.

Perfect when you can’t choose just one photo and want all of them!


Wedding and Portrait Albums

I have been with White House Custom Color for 8 years now and they have never disappointed!  I used to order albums from a couple of other companies, but when WHCC announced their new lustre albums, I was sold!

I love these albums! They are lay-flat, which allows you to spread the pages flat and allows us to design across the whole spread (two pages that lay flat).  Giving more focus on what matters: Your beautiful day!

I love that there are options for the cover from cover materials and colors!  This couple decided on a photo cover and it came out beautiful!  The bigger size is a 10x10 album and the smaller is 6x6.  



DIY Photo Album

A few months ago I participated in a Bridal show and wanted to show all the types of photography that I do.  Particularly, family sessions.  Because of time constraints, I decided to make my own albums.  I took photos during the process to share with you how easy it is to make your own photo albums!  

Materials you will need:

  • Ruler

  • Gluestick or photo spray adhesive

  • Two posts (I've seen it done with ribbon or twine as well)

  • Pencil

  • Knife or boning tool

  • Hole puncher

  • Cardstock

  • Cover material

The instructions are below the photos :).  


Step 1:
Measure from the edge about 1"- 1.75" for the crease to allow the pages to turn without any problems.   Make a line.  Measure again another 1/4" out and draw another line.  Check out the photo where I'm hole punching and you can see two creases.

Step 2:
Once you measure the page, use your ruler and the blunt side of a butter knife.  I don't have a boning knife so I used a regular butter knife.  Works just as well! This will make the dent for the crease.  Do this for the next line that is 1/4" away from the first line.  This creates two creases like in the photo of the hole punch.  As you add more pages, the second crease will help with folding in the later pages.  

Step 3:
Fold where you made the creases to really help it crease.  This will help the pages turn easier.  Do this to all of the pages, my album is 20 pages so I did it to each page.  

Step 4:
Measure from the edge to make the holes for the posts.  It's important to make sure they are in between the edge and the creases.  Don't get to close to the edge so that with use, the pages don't tear where the hole punch is.  I halved the width and halved it again to where I put the holes.  Using a single hole puncher, punch the two holes for the posts.  

Use the first page you punch as a guide to help with the rest of the pages so all the holes line up perfectly.  

Step 5:
After steps 1-4, paste the photos on the pages.  Make sure you don't cover the creases.  My photos are a bit smaller so the pages created a pretty border.  I like this look better than flushed and helped with not allowing the photos to lift up when turning the pages.

Step 6:
To make the cover, use any material you want.  I used the same cardstock paper and added a nice fabric type of paper to the cardstock.  I did steps 1-4 as well to make sure it turns easily and the holes are in the correct place.

Step 7:
Put in the posts.  These posts are small given the size of the album but you can add pages and take away as well as add taller posts.  It's all about preference :).  Stack the pages and put the posts in to finish it off.

And viola! You have a pretty, personalized, photo album to showcase your portfolio, family photos, trips, or anything you like :).  I've also seen other albums where you can make the photos smaller and write on the cardstock.  I plan to do that for my vacation albums! 

Happy album making! 


Flush Mount Albums : Beginning of your legacy as one | International Wedding Photographer

I don't believe that there is anything more important than the photography on your wedding day.  With one exception:  Albums.  An album, coupled with the photos from your wedding photographer has to be the most important product you invest in.  Please, please, please invest in an album.

I can't stress how beautiful these flush mount albums are.  How after seeing the album, holding it in their hands, and smiling over the photos, my clients relive their wonderful day.  Their beautiful day.  The day when they promised to love and cherish each other.   

It is the one product that begins the legacy of your new family.  Read that sentence over again.  It is the one product that begins the legacy of your new family.  It is your first album as husband and wife.  The first album you will share with your families, friends, and people you will meet along your journey.  It is the one you will show to your children.  And your children's children.  

It is the perfect addition to your new legacy as a family.  It is what tells your love story the way you remember it.  Over and over again.  Like you're favorite movie.  It never gets old.  And it always gets better over time.  

These are the albums I offer my clients.  Leather cover, thick pages, and a flush mount design with photos that go across both pages.  Timeless and clean.