Deanna + Edgar | The Champions Club, Corona Wedding Photographer

Deanna + Edgar waited.  They waited to have the wedding they dreamed of.  Of Deanna in her white dress and Edgar in a tux.  And for their son Adrian to be old enough to watch  his parents give themselves to each other.  In front of family and friends.

Deanna wanted everything to be perfect.  She made sure every detail was like it was in her dreams.  And she had her dream wedding.  She married the man who stole her heart. That is something to definitely celebrate!

It was such a beautiful day in September at such a beautiful venue.  Everything about it made their day lovely, calm, and memorable.  She was nervous to see him and he was ready to see her.  During their first look they laughed and shared quiet kisses.  It was a perfect day, in every way.

Thank you Deanna + Edgar for allowing me to be there on your special day.  It was so incredible to see you promise forever and to be there to make your special day last a lifetime.  You have no idea how much I feel honored to have been there.  Thank you so much!

With Love + Happy Valentines Day!



First Looks just make me smile!  Doesn't take away from the bride walking down the aisle at all.  Just look at that grin!

And I leave you with their first dance.