Jeanette & Michael | Riverside Portrait Photographer

Seems like there is an epidemic going around!  Everyone is getting pregnant!  I have had the pleasure of photographing women filled with the miracle of life, and I love it!  It's so fascinating and I can't tell you how many women say it is such a great idea to photograph themselves while pregnant.  It's such a unique moment in their lives and each pregnancy is just as unique.

Jeanette & Michael are going to be great parents!  They couldn't stop smiling and were excited about their little girl coming any day now.  (She's not here yet but soon!)  You two have nothing to worry about, the love that you have for each other will transcend onto your baby girl and I know that she will be as beautiful as the love you have for each other!  I was honored to photograph you




This infinity charm was from Jeanette and Michael's wedding!  I thought it was so cute how they wanted to incorporate it into the session!