Rafael | Class of 2013

I've photographed clients in various places.  Alley ways, fields off the road, in their homes, in parking garages, hotel rooms, and abandoned buildings.  Each location selected perfectly to compliment the personalities of each and every one of my clients.

This location and this client were meant to be.  This client also happens to be my cousin!  Yes, another senior who will be graduating next  year and is one of my Senior Reps for 2013!  We talked about locations and he wanted something with street art.  Something that had some flavor and personality.  This location was perfect and I had never noticed it before.

Rafita:  You have a big heart and smarts that will propel you in your future endeavors what ever they may be.  Stay true and honest because the world will challenge you.  I know you will be just fine, conquering challenges is your middle name.