The mother of all posts... | Riverside Family Portrait Photographer

I have been so busy editing away all of the wonderful sessions I have had the pleasure of photographing lately!  Lots of families, cute kids, and loads of fun!  All of my Living Social families have been such a dream to photograph and I hope that they all love their photos as much as I loved photographing them.

I normally would do one post per family but I decided to post them all in one since they're all sneak peeks ;).

If you have not redeemed your voucher for your session, call me asap!  You have until June 29th to get your session photographed!


This little one was born a bit early than she should have but being that she was so excited to be in the world, she didn't take no for an answer.  Mom and dad were happy to have her come home from the NICU and have her photos taken.  Look at how adorable she is!  Mom did a great job with the little sign :)


Yes, that is their last name.  But they aren't strange at all.  In fact, they are all fun!  And look at their coordinating color scheme!  Gotta love yellow, white, grey, and black!  We had fun hanging out Downtown.  I gotta say, photographing 5 beautiful girls is one great treat.  Each showing their unique and beautiful personalities! From oldest to youngest of course.  And look at that tutu!!! Gaaahhh! LOVE!


How cute are these kiddos?  The little one was full of laughs and the oldest was full of energy and kept running around.  We had such a great time!


This family was full of cool style!  From the black and white to the bow ties and pearls.  This family has it going on with looks and spunk!  We roamed around downtown and had a great time with the kids showing off their own little personalities.  Loved this family!


It is always great when I get a family that hasn't really experienced having a family portrait taken.  I love the challenge of giving them a great experience along with great photographs.  I had a great time with this family and can't wait to welcome the baby soon!

Whew!  That was a lot!  I hope you enjoyed these families because I did!  Can't wait to show you more families soon!

Happy Wednesday!