Portraits : Reconnecting with Friends

That field served it's purpose today. Amber was my model today. Not just any model, she was a very good friend of mine during my high school years. One time I think it was during lunch (correct me if I'm wrong Amber) when our group of friends came up with this idea that we each had our own bubble. Our bubble was our personal space and we only let certain people into our bubbles. Of course, we only let each other into our bubbles :o). Telling you, life is all about connections and those often great re-connections.

Amber leaves to Guatemala tomorrow night with out a set return date. I always say that traveling is the greatest way to experience life.

Here are some of the shots we got. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy and I have shaky hands so they came out a bit blurry. But! I think we got some good ones.

Thanks Amber for coming out today and posing in the rain. Have a safe trip and see ya when you get back. Also thanks to Alicia, it was great seeing you too! Long live the bubbles! He he he.