Studio Happenings : New Look!

I have been, for the last year or so, trying to find my "style". Style is the way I take photos, the way I handle sessions, and your overall experience. It's my photography and me merged into one cohesive brand. The lot of photographer blogs that I follow almost on a daily basis, yes, I'm a blog stalker, say that branding is just as important as style. Branding is also good for marketing oneself to potential clients, which could be virtually anyone.

So, I am proud to announce that I have a logo! Yay! I'm very excited! This is a great step towards getting the word out there about my photography. I believe that the logo defines who I am, a little funky, a lot of fun, and very simple. I think that also describes my photography. And it happens to be in two of my favorite colors! It couldn't be more me. :o) This was also one of my goals I had set for the new year.

Let me know what you think of my new logo!!! I'm posting another photo of it just because I'm so excited about it!!!