Something Special | Orange County Portrait Photographer

She wanted to shoot something a little different. She wanted something specific. This wasn't just any portrait session, this was for her boyfriend, who was living out of state. After a month we finally set the shoot date.

And what a perfect day it was.

It was probably the most beautiful day in California. Not a rain cloud in sight. It was 8:30 in the morning when Brittany arrived.

Last semester, we had the fortunate chance of bumping into eachother at the Garden Cafe at CSUF. It was probably one of the four times I had eaten there that I saw her familiar face standing in line. Brittany and I met in high school and even to this day is a sweet, kind hearted person.

Thanks Brittany for being so great on the shoot and willing to sit, lay, and shoot anywhere.

And a very special Thank You to my sister, Elanie, for the fabulous hair and make up. :o).

Okay, okay, here are the pictures. :O) Enjoy!

Man this one is my super, ultimate, favoritest one of the whole day!!! Such sweeeeeeet light!

And the same shot with a texture...hmmm which do I like better??