Happy Father's Day!

To my dad:

Thanks for being the best father ever. You taught me so many things I will never forget.

From camping in sleeping bags, to hiking with my foot to the side so I wont fall down, to "be careful, I'm a guy and I know how they think," to driving stick shift, to seeing great new places, and to learning how to ride like a true biker.

From mowing the lawn to checking my car oil.

From pausing after commas and taking a breath after periods to never stop giving it my best, at what ever "it" may be.

I can't wait until we hang out all day and work on our bikes, eat a great breakfast together, and just hang out while talking about everything and anything.

Happy Father's Day.

And because I simply can't leave out my mom....thanks to you too! The both of you have made my life and my sister's life so meaningful and full of love.

Love you!!!