Getting Back into the Groove...

I am a super senior at Cal State Fullerton, and like any super senior,I get to register for my classes first , I can stroll in 5 minutes late without one ounce of embarrassment, and I speak up way more than I should. It's also been my sanctuary for 5 years. It's a break I get twice a week from my day to day life.

Last fall started out like most fall semesters start. Lots of commotion on campus, lots of lost and confused first years, and a big long line at the book store. Nothing out of the norm and it seemed to be a great start to my last year...or so I thought.

Financial Aid decided to slap a big DENIED stamp on my file for reasons I don't even want to think about because I'll want to use every curse word in the book. So, I cried my little eyes out to the financial adviser to prolong the process so that I could finish the semester out.

Thankfully, she did.

Un-thankfully, if that's even a word, because of this, I was dropped out of my photo studio class, had to pay, and couldn't graduate. Also, I was unable to go last semester, Spring semester, the semester that was supposed to be my last semester.

And where am I going with this??? Well, because I wasn't in school last semester, also the only semester I've missed since kindergarten, I felt empty. I felt like a failure, like a dropout, and like my time didn't have any meaning. And I had a hard time dealing with this.

But all of this will of Tuesday, I am getting back into the groove! I'm registering for school and gonna finally get the heck outta school!

Watch out CSUF....I'm back!

Thanks mom, for making it possible for me. Love you.