Light Study

I love light.

The kind of light that enters from my bedroom window that gently wakes me in the mornings. The same light I photograph people in.


What I don't love is studio lighting, particularly because I really don't know who to use it. I never really used studio lights or any kind of artificial light, other than my flash. But a few weeks ago my dad surprised me with two reflector lights on stands with two 250watt photo soft white bulbs. He couldn't have gotten me a better gift!

Lately, I've been thinking I should study studio lighting and how it's used, just for fun.

So, the other day I had my beautiful 13 year old cousin, Elahyna, model for me in front of these intensely hot lights. I also made myself a soft box with a white cotton sheet in front to diffuse the light a bit.

Here's what we got:

In these three shots my camera's white balance was set on Auto, hence the yellow hue in the photos.

here you can see in the catch lights the white sheet from the box I made.

This last shot had my camera set to Tungsten white balance. Note the difference in skin tone.

I am now even more excited to see what more I can do with these lights! A night shoot perhaps??? I think so!!!