Life in Review

It's 105 degrees for like the past week and a half!!! If gas prices weren't so outta whack I'd be down at the beach until 10pm at night!

Speaking of which, I went to the beach with my beautiful mother and now I'm sunburned. I didn't think that I could get sun burned, and now, I'm peeling. It's so gross.

And how about those damn gas about putting people in a tough situation. Those that need their cars to get to work can't because of the prices. It's a vicious cycle that apparently won't be resolved anytime soon. I wish public transportation was more efficient out here.

4th of July is around the corner! Yay!!! I can't wait. My family is planning this cool cocktail -slash-barbecue thing for that day. It's gonna be so fun!

That's about all for this week. I do have some photos to share and a couple more events lined up so stay tuned!!! But for now, here are some pictures from father's day :O).

My sister, dad, and me :)