Roundtrip in one day

I woke at 6am to prepare my self, and my life, for a very short trip back east. I waited patiently for my ride to arrive. We began to ascend into a sky so blue and filled with puffy white clouds that looked like cotton candy. A painting, I thought it seemed.

As we got higher and higher, I couldn't resist taking a picture of what Ontario looks like from a plane. The mountains are absolutely gorgeous.

Somewhere in the midwest, the sun began to set and the clouds gathered closer and closer in the midnight blue of the sky. The sun was a perfect angle highlighting the contours of my make believe pillow of clouds that were strewn together across the horizon many feet above ground.

And the Delaware river was nothing short of amazing. The sun's glistening reflection as we flew over and finally making our descent out of the clouds. It was an amazing sight to see the difference between Ontario and Philadelphia.

I got a little bit of time during the trip to actually see a bit of the country side. This was one of many beautifully tree lined streets.

We drove up on a road that led us to this building. It sits behind a farm on a rolling green field...a gorgeous sight! Especially on a such a beautiful day!

In case you're wondering, I was in Delaware on a business trip and the beauty of it was amazing to me. All the green fields, trees, and colonial homes are spectacular. I will definitely be visiting again, and hopefully for a longer period of time!