Comm 321

COMM 321. I've had a love/hate relationship with that course number for the past year and a half.

First, it was love: the chance to set foot inside of a stocked studio and begin learning how to manipulate light and use it in a way that conveys ideas and releases some of this hidden creativity. It was love because I longed to learn how to use a soft box and gels. To see how color and lights work together to create distinctive photographs, my photographs in my head.

Then it was hate. Hate because I was kicked out of the course because the school didn't get paid by the financial aid money that never came thus, making me pay for it. But not only monetarily, but with time. That whole situation set my graduation date back a year.

And finally, it's back to love. Love because after a year of trying to get into this course, I've finally made it in, secured my spot, and attended the first class Monday night. I couldn't be more in love!!!

Now that I am going to stay in COMM 321: Advanced Studio Photography, I will be documenting my weekly assignments and the crucial but necessary critiques.

Wish me luck, fellow bloggers, for love is fickle!

**Here's a picture from my very first photography course.