My Related Friend

We are opposites in almost every way. She's tall, I'm short. She's light skinned, I'm permanently tanned. She's got a unique style and I'm more on the conservative side. She's a talker and always makes new friends anywhere she goes. I'm shy and reserved and don't talk much, at least not at first.

You would think were friends and no one ever believes that we're actually sisters, with the same parents. We have our arguments and give each other hugs and talk over Sunday brunch.

And today is my sister's birthday!!! No doubt we're going to celebrate and have one bitchin' time too! So go onto her BLOG and send her some birthday love!!!

Sister, love you and I am so lucky to have a sister like you. I can't imagine my world with out you in it. Thanks for all of those heart-to-heart talks and all of the advice you've given me. I am grateful I've had you to guide me in the toughest times and laugh the hardest at the best of times. Oh, and how we've laughed! Can't wait to celebrate another year with you sister :)