I just about fell over!

I'm taking a Language of Film class this semester and it is all about the visual design of movies, and I love movies. I do have to admit that the visual design isn't what hooked me, it was the simple fact that we get to watch 28 movies... where's the popcorn?!

Anyway I'm digressing, we have to do a couple of projects where we have to create 6 shots that clearly show a visual design element and get extra credit if we show a cohesive scene. Yesterday, as I began to fish thru the shots on my computer I came across this one:

I just about fell over laughing because Gordo (my yorkie) was waiting patiently for me as I took an exposure test shot. Hence why it's not clearly in focus, I was testing for light. We recently shaved him because he's a bit of a hippy and doesn't like to brush so we just cut it off every now and then.

But man, that picture was funny. And that's why I have to say that I just love him to bits! Don't you just love your pets, they do the silliest things sometimes :)

Well, that's all for now... Happy Wednesday!