COMM 321 : Assignment #1

Okay so we're back on schedule and our assignment for this week was to shoot in the studio (finally) using two model lights and a cube of some sort.  I choose a cardboard box, quite boring but necessary.  One light was to high light the top side of the cube (box) and another was to hit the side facing the camera at a one stop difference.  And another side had to be in shadow at one stop difference from the first side.  Whew, that was a bit confusing!  

I was really excited to finally be getting into the studio and using the equipment.  Here is what I got...unfortunately I didn't choose the right white balance and hence, it's a bit yellow.  But I'm safe, since it's about the light and not about color.  

If you got any pointers on studio lighting, be sure to share as I'll probably need the help later :)