Photo Trip & A Flat Tire

Photo trip and a flat tire. I laugh as I type and can't stop myself from being amazed at all the possibilities of those two events happening with in an hour of each other.

Lately, I haven't had much time to photograph any thing other than what I need to for my classes. As a result of this, my camera is held hostage in its bag for days at a time. So, when I saw how gorgeous the day was, with its blue sky and white clouds painted across the massive abyss I just couldn't help myself and had to go for a photo trip. I had been eyeing a certain wilderness park here in Riverside. I grabbed my gear, turned on my car, tuned to a good song, and headed in the direction of my destination. Half way there I felt my car heavy, and rather annoyingly noisy. I pulled over into a parking lot and took a tour around my car and there it was: the flat tire.

I called my mother who then called AAA and had the tire fixed all within half an hour! Luck was on my side today because I had about an hour of sunlight left to do my photo trip.

I assure you I'll have much more interesting things to post about but in the mean time, I leave you with these photos and I hope you enjoy them :)