Case of the Monday's...

We've all been there. At work, low on caffeine, having a bad hair day, and gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and you realize: It's Monday.

I've decided to install this new weekly blog post at the Case of the Monday's post where I post random facts of my Monday. Doesn't seem very interesting and I assure you, maybe it won't be but lets face it, we've all had a case of the Monday's.

I know I have and since Monday doesn't have such a great stigma attached to it, I've decided, that perhaps I can liven it up for you, even if it's just random tid-bits. But I like to think myself funny, sometimes. I'm sure my friends would be laughing AT me right now but I'll take it!

So here it goes:
  • I was watching the movie Up, which won best animated film at the Golden Globes and I think it was well deserved. Anyway, as I was watching I started thinking, maybe I should contact Mythbusters and see if they can experiment what the old man in the movie did with balloons. Hey, you never know maybe you can have your house float with balloons.
  • Weather Channel is reporting 4 inches of rain. Seriously?! I don't know about you but I'm a spoiled Californian and I need my sun and dry climate! Plus, doesn't help for shoots.
  • I have been listening to Ximena Sarinana and she definitely helps me get through this gloomy weather. Her soothing voice and lovely lyrics are mesmerizing.
  • If you haven't check out Post Secret, I suggest you do. People send in their secrets anonymously on post cards and they get posted on that blog. I haven't sent one in but it seems very liberating and I just might do it one day.
  • I am loving the HDR compositions by Trey Ratcliff he posts on his blog Stuck In Customs. Check them out!
  • And if you weren't aware, today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. With out him many would be with out rights and because of his efforts, we are closer to being a more just country.
That's all for today. And here's where I'd like to be instead of the rain:

La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.