Inspiration Thursday!

When I switched my major from 'undecided' to 'communications' in college I felt like a whole new world opened up at my feet. Rather than dreading the questions "so, what are you studying?" I felt proud to go into depth about my new found direction in life. A new way of looking at life. However, photography was not that light at the end of the tunnel. I was public relations major. I digress.

As part of the curriculum, all emphasis' under Comm had to take the same core classes which all involved some sort of history lesson on the development of mass communication. All of which included photography as big jump from cartoons to real images in newspapers showing the gory deaths from car accidents and war. As I moved into my photography major, we always learned about Henri Cartier Bresson. A pioneer in street photography and you can't help but want to learn more about him and his work. Check him out, google him. Find him on Wikipedia, or just click here:).

And here are only a tiny glimpse at what he did over the years as a photographer. If photographers had their own world, he'd have a monument dedicated to him. Yeah, I went there.

To learn more about this amazing photographer, please visit the following page which is dedicated to making art accessible to all.  You can go learn about Henri Cartier Bresson, read his bio, view more than 150 works of art, read exclusive articles, and discover up-to-date exhibition listings.  You can also discover many other great artists while visiting the page.

Happy Thursday!