Today is a day when we look around and be grateful for all that surrounds us.  I look around my surroundings and I am ever grateful of two people: My parents.  I am where I am because of their love and appreciation for all that they hoped I would accomplish.  Of the future I had before me.  And it was them that I say Thanks to because with out their giving I would definitely not be where I am today.

So today, when I sit down at a big table full of delicious food I will feel grateful.  Grateful for the chance to even have a Thanksgiving dinner today.  Thankful for existing and being able to walk the path of my life.  Thankful for finding God and knowing that I am truly blessed.

I ask you today, to really look around and be grateful for everything and everyone that surrounds you. Even if they may not be your family.  Even if they are mere acquaintances.  Let this be the day you say "Thanks" for all that you have, even if it may be a lot or very little.  And if you have some to spare, share the wealth of your thanks to strangers around.  You never know how much a simple "Thank you" and a smile will make someone's day.

Happy Thanksgiving.