Bohemian Flair | Riverside Fashion Photographer

I have a book.  A big sketch book full of inspiration boards of shoots I'd like to do one day.  Of photographs that make me say to myself aloud "I wish that photo was mine!" And sometimes you have just the right idea for just the right person to put in the right spot.

Her name is Ariane.  She dabbles in modeling but blew me away and totally brought it.  She was "Fierce!" in the words of Tyra.  Ariane is a student at Stanford majoring in something really hard to pronounce but she's a smart cookie with lots of style.  Speaking of style, we had Ariane's mom, help us with the styling.  Since she has a degree in fashion design, she totally made the looks happen and hopefully we'll get to work together more! *hint*hint*

Anyway, the location we were going to shoot in ended up being closed due to flooding.  Thankfully we found some sweet spots right outside the gates with just enough light and no rain!  We were really lucky.  Thank you baby Jesus :).

Enough babble... here is Ariane kicking ass as a bohemian fashionista.

ON A SIDE NOTE:  You may notice that the logo at the top and the one on the photos are different than yesterday.  I have rebranded myself (a bit) and am launching my new website tomorrow night!  I'm super excited for this new change!   So on Wednesday take a look around the new website and check it out! 

And I even drew the logo myself :)

Happy Monday!