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Pinterest Weekly | Inspiration for All



never disappoints.  From home decor to fashion, to places I would love to be in, it has something for everyone... 

Here is this weeks inspiration :)


Ah, Pinterest nunca me deja sin querer ver mas.  Desde decoración del hogar a la moda, hasta a los lugares donde quiero estar, tiene algo para todos.  

Aqui esta la inspiración de la semana :)




It's raining men meme

3.   Wilderness (the link I have is broken, anyone know where to find the photographer?)


Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

5.  Simple everyday outfit (no link to the site)


Garden for small spaces...

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Inland Empire Photog + Beyond Group Shoot

Facebook is a fantastic machine.  It has allowed us to connect on such an incredible level.  Connect with family and friends.  Connect with collegues and past classmates.  Connect with complete strangers we admire and those who we'd love to get to know.  It's these connections that sometimes lead to great discoveries and relationships.  And I absotelutely love it.

Over a year ago, I created a photography group.  The main reason was because I wanted to find more photographer friends.  People who would never tire talking about aperture and lighting.  Connect with people who just get me.  On a photography level.  And we could learn, grow, and connect.  That was the sole reason.  

This year, I made it my goal to begin organizing group shoots.  So we could connect face to face.  Learn and really be a community.  

Each and every Group Shoot we've had I have met so many great people.  Have been able to connect with new members, members who I've only seen through FB, and members I personally know.   However, what is greater is that all those who attend connect with each other as well!  It feels all pay-it-forward-ish.   And I love it.  

So if you're interested in being a part of the group, please go to the


and ask to join.  It's a public group and everyone is welcome.  From novice to advanced to professional, everyone is welcome.  

Here are some photos from May Group Shoot we had in LA.  I never got around to posting them :).  

Models: Elahyna, Rosey, Desmon, & Cynthia

Running In Stilettos | Orange County Photographer

When a friend comes to you with an idea, at first you may not want to hear it, for fear that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be a good idea.  Yet you listen anyway and after she has poured out her heart to you with all of her ideas and dreams, you realize that it wasn't a good idea... it was a GREAT idea!  Of course, my friend Sophia, being as meticulous as she is, she could never really have a bad idea.

She told me that she wanted to start a fashion blog and that she'd love for me to do a series of photos for her.  And, of course I did!  Can't leave a friend hangin', ya know?!

If anyone ever wrote a blog about fashion, Sophia is the perfect person for the job.  And so, Running In Stilettos was formed.  I'm posting these two here but make sure you check out her blog for more photos!

Happy Wednesday!

Fuse Hair & Make Up Collab | Beauty Photographer


Chelsea is a make up and hair stylist with

Fuse Hair & Beauty

,  that is usually running around on the weekends preparing brides for their big day.  But she wanted to do something different.  Something fun, colorful, and really stretch her skills.  She contacted me and we set a date.  

I couldn't be happier with the results!  The girls had never modeled before and it just goes to show how with some fun make up and wardrobe, a model can be born!  They were naturals!  We had a fun time and can't wait to do more of these shoots in the future!

Happy Friday! 

Fall Fashion Sneak Preview | Los Angeles Fashion Photographer