Real Fall Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

I love creating inspiration boards from real weddings that I have photographed.  Each detail is carefully selected by the bride and I feel like rather than put together found images from the internet, we'd use their visions to help you!  Nothing is more inspiring than seeing how someone put together their wedding.  Using perhaps the same ideas you have for you big day.  

This one is close to my heart because the bride is my cousin! It was a beautiful fall wedding with deep wines, gold, and dark wood details.  Completely DIY creating the wood pieces themselves as well as all the styling and bouquets.  And nothing says beautiful fall wedding like dancing under warm cafe lights in a beautiful garden.

What is your favorite detail of this wedding? Would you use any of these ideas in your wedding?

Make sure you pin these images and share with your newly engaged friends, they won't want to miss seeing all of these beautiful details!

Real Wedding Inspiration | Tips for Brides

I love real wedding inspiration.  It's like getting a glimpse at all the hard work that the bride put into her details for the day of the wedding.  From the florals, the dress, the shoes, and the cake!  I know first hand that each detail is important.  

I remember including sunflowers because my late grandmother loved sunflowers and it was her way of being there.  The rest of the florals were wild-like because we wanted a sense of adventure and nature through out.  The dress had to be a particular flowing and comfortable yet simple dress.  The list goes on... 

What is so great is pulling the detail images and really seeing how it all pulled together.  These are for you, future brides! Make sure you pin the inspirations so that you can come back to them and create a wedding with details all your own :).

Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to view our last Real Wedding Inspiration post.

I loved Brenda & Marcos' Elegant Autumn Wedding with beautiful Orange hues and a bit of glam details through out the wedding day.

Isn't this Red Velvet Wedding just so beautiful?! I love Karina and Jose's wedding where Red made a come back and looked so elegant! 

What is not to love about Carmen & Alonso's wedding? Seriously, the floral filigree, the sheer seat covers, the beautiful chandeliers... just pure elegance! And a tiara to finish all the details. Details by Castallia Eventos.

Karla & Sergio's blush lavender and rose made the event intimate and romantic. The chic details of cafe lights and glass charger plates were to die for.  Details by Xitle Wedding Design.

I hope that these weddings inspire you and help you plan your wedding! Don't forget to pin these so you can refer back to them :).  Which is your favorite?

Happy Tuesday!


Real Wedding Inspiration

Each bride takes an incredible amount of time planning and putting together all the details of her wedding day.  And usually it begins with color or theme.  That is why, as a wedding photographer, it is incredibly important to photograph even the smallest of details.  I've always said that if it isn't photographed, it won't be remembered! 

Each of the following inspirational boards are from REAL WEDDINGS that I have photographed.  You can see how the personality, theme, color scheme is pulled together to create a unique event!  If you are in the planning process of your wedding, make sure you pin these real wedding inspirational boards!  

Jackie + Kevin Laguna Beach Wedding

Jackie + Kevin Laguna Beach Wedding

Yessenia + Charlon Mexican Themed Wedding

Yessenia + Charlon Mexican Themed Wedding

Anais + Mario Mazatlan Tiffany Blue Wedding

Anais + Mario Mazatlan Tiffany Blue Wedding

Linh + Mannie Anaheim Glam Wedding

Linh + Mannie Anaheim Glam Wedding

Anastasia + Duanne California Citrus Wedding

Anastasia + Duanne California Citrus Wedding

Analin + Javier Earth Toned Glam Wedding

Analin + Javier Earth Toned Glam Wedding

Amber + Kevin Vintage Christmas Wedding

Amber + Kevin Vintage Christmas Wedding

There are soooo many more inspiration boards but I will leave you with these six.  Each uniquely different and all making the bride and groom's day special! 

Do you like any of these ideas?  Write your comments below!!!  And don't forget to pin these great real wedding inspiration boards.

Happy Sunday!


Pinterest Weekly | Inspiration for All



never disappoints.  From home decor to fashion, to places I would love to be in, it has something for everyone... 

Here is this weeks inspiration :)


Ah, Pinterest nunca me deja sin querer ver mas.  Desde decoración del hogar a la moda, hasta a los lugares donde quiero estar, tiene algo para todos.  

Aqui esta la inspiración de la semana :)




It's raining men meme

3.   Wilderness (the link I have is broken, anyone know where to find the photographer?)


Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

5.  Simple everyday outfit (no link to the site)


Garden for small spaces...

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Pinterest Weekly | Inspiration for All

Do you PIn?  First, I hit like on everything... then weeks later I pin what I absolutely think is divine.  

I have this obsession with interior decor.  That's all I really look for when I'm on Pinterest.  Desk spaces, living room spaces with lots of color, do it yourself spaces and projects.  Oh, and women's fashion.  I must admit that Pinterest has helped my wardrobe come alive the last year or so.  It's great to see new and inspiring things...  all kinds of things.  

This new installment of my blog will be for the pins that I love week to week along with their respective link to my Pinterest.  So we can keep the inspiration going :).

What have you pinned this week??


¿Tu haces pin? Cuando estoy en Pinterest, le hago click "me gusta" primero... luego semanas después hago pin lo que yo absolutamente creo que es divino. 

Tengo esta obsesión con la decoración de interiores. Eso es todo lo que realmente busco cuando estoy en Pinterest. Espacios de oficinas, espacios  de sala  con un muchos colores, los proyectos y espacios que uno puede hacer solo. Ah, y la moda. Debo admitir que Pinterest ha ayudado a mi vestimenta el último año. Es muy bueno para ver cosas nuevas e inspiradoras ... todo tipo de cosas. 

Esta nueva serie de mi blog va a ser para los pins que amo semana a semana junto con su respectivo enlace a mi Pinterest. Así,  podemos seguir compartiendo la inspiración :). 

¿Qué has hecho pin esta semana?

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Food for thought | David Tutera

If you haven't caught an episode of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera yet and you're a wedding professional... then I am going to assign you one task.  Watch three episodes of this series and then come back and read this blog post.

If you have seen the show, then this will make sense to you.  I am sitting here watching the show in a small corner of the screen as I edit and felt it was necessary to write about it.  As a wedding professional, as a photographer, what you will learn as time goes on is that this profession is all about customer service and serving your clients and really being genuine about it.  

This is where David Tutera comes in.  In every episode, the first question he asks is "what do you see for your wedding?"  Right out of the gate he is focused on getting to know what the bride is envisioning, how she feels, and her personality.  He lets her talk, say all she needs, gets her excited, and builds trust.  He takes what makes them special and what they want and turns it into a dream wedding.  Through out the episode, you'll notice he constantly asks "what do you think?" and "how do you feel?" He nods and takes it all in.  Filing it all away.  

The wedding is usually breathtaking and a complete reflection of the personality of the bride and groom.  But more than that, what you will walk away with is how David really CARES about his couples.  He genuinely and whole heartedly cares.  He's excited for them and never puts on a fake face.  He puts himself into each and every couple.   More importantly, he becomes their trusted friend.  No faking it, no fronting.  He is open and is always smiling.

There is one thing that resonates with brides and speaks volumes is when they know and feel that you are genuine and actually care about them and their wonderful day.  Because for them, this is the beginning of a new life for them.  And when you care about it as much as they do and know how special it is, they appreciate it.  And they appreciate you.  

The show always reminds me of what is important as a wedding professional.  It's not the photography, it's not how many weddings, it's not how big they are, how much brides spend or if they'll refer you.  It's about caring and really serving your couples genuinely, openly, and whole heartedly.  It's about guiding them, educating them, and becoming a real friend.  

"I love making these weddings happy memories for everyone."
 -David Tutera 

Happy Friday!

Awesome Sauce | Pinterest

As by now, I'm sure you've heard of Pinterest.  I remember going on the site about 6 months back and getting overwhelmed by all the pinning and following and commenting.  So I quickly logged out before I got lost and forgot all about it.  Until one day, I saw it popping up on the many blogs that I follow.  From design blogs to home blogs to photography blogs, it seemed like everyone was loving it.

See, I clip and save photos from the web in a folder on my desktop named "Inspiration".  The problem: never remembering the source, except for the ones that are clearly Jose Villa.   After seeing how everyone was using Pinterest to organize their inspiration, I went forth and conquered the new social platform and installed the Pin It button and started pinning.

Ohh emm gee... is Pinterest the best thing evah!  It has brought finding and clipping inspiration to a whole new level.  And the best part?  Knowing exactly where the original piece came from and being able to credit the rightful owner.  Which now a days, gets lost in the sharing and reposting.

So if you're on Pinterest, happy pinning!  And if you like my pins, follow me :).

When you feel like giving up

Every now and again you feel it coming on.  That tired-don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed, nothing-goes-right, stump-your-toe, what-else-could-happen-today kind of feeling.  That burnt out feeling.  For a creative person, this is probably the worst kind of feelings.  Not being inspired, not being motivated, feeling sluggish and like all your work sucks.  Yep, I've been there.  

Luckily for you, I have discovered this amazing poster:

I have it hung up where my desk is.  So I see it every day.   I make it a point to read it every day.  To keep me from giving up.  To encourage me to have fun and take breaks.  To stay creative.  I hope it helps you too.  

Remember to feel the wind in your hair

Sometimes, life gets busy.  Complicated.  Out of control with to-dos, life.  And the life in life gets a little lost.  Trust me, I've been there.  Frustrated, busy, overwhelmed, and down right unmotivated to do anything on the to-do list and in a bad mood.

But then I get the urge to get up and drive.  Get up and go someplace that gives me back my life.  And then, just like that,  I'm back baby!

So, every now and then take the time to get your life back.  Take a day and regain that spunk that makes you you.  Go to that place that gives you your life back and remember that all of those frustrations and to-dos will just have to wait until you are back and ready to tackle them down.  And they won't know what hit 'em!

Sometimes, life just needs a little wind in its hair.  Happy Wednesday everyone!