Remember to feel the wind in your hair

Sometimes, life gets busy.  Complicated.  Out of control with to-dos, life.  And the life in life gets a little lost.  Trust me, I've been there.  Frustrated, busy, overwhelmed, and down right unmotivated to do anything on the to-do list and in a bad mood.

But then I get the urge to get up and drive.  Get up and go someplace that gives me back my life.  And then, just like that,  I'm back baby!

So, every now and then take the time to get your life back.  Take a day and regain that spunk that makes you you.  Go to that place that gives you your life back and remember that all of those frustrations and to-dos will just have to wait until you are back and ready to tackle them down.  And they won't know what hit 'em!

Sometimes, life just needs a little wind in its hair.  Happy Wednesday everyone!