Running In Stilettos | Orange County Photographer

When a friend comes to you with an idea, at first you may not want to hear it, for fear that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be a good idea.  Yet you listen anyway and after she has poured out her heart to you with all of her ideas and dreams, you realize that it wasn't a good idea... it was a GREAT idea!  Of course, my friend Sophia, being as meticulous as she is, she could never really have a bad idea.

She told me that she wanted to start a fashion blog and that she'd love for me to do a series of photos for her.  And, of course I did!  Can't leave a friend hangin', ya know?!

If anyone ever wrote a blog about fashion, Sophia is the perfect person for the job.  And so, Running In Stilettos was formed.  I'm posting these two here but make sure you check out her blog for more photos!

Happy Wednesday!