Because you never know where you're gonna end up...

2013 has proved to be something else entirely.  I find myself in a different county, albeit familiar, there are lots of things that change when you are living and not visiting.  Everything about it is different, the roads, the way people drive, the houses, language, and people. 

Everything is new.  Interesting.  Fun.  The world looks different.  This adventure is proof that you never really know where you're going to end up.  Only God knows that.  And with all that has happened over the last three months, I know that when you put your faith in Him, He will not let you down.  There are challenges, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but as long as I believe He will guide me in the right direction, everything will fall into place.  As it has been lately.  

It is remarkable how faith can have such a powerful affect on your life and on your ideals, views, and decisions.  

Here's a list of all that's been going on lately:

  • I am part of a couple of photography groups here in Chihuahua.  That makes me happy.
  • I am going to be teaching a photo class to high school students three days a week.  I can cross that off my bucket list now!
  • Making new friends 
  • I can now get around the city with out getting super lost, just a litte lost.  
  • I've lost weight eating at home.  But seriously considering eating at McD's because I miss their fries... question is, will they be as good as they are in Riverside??
  • Now, I have to find out if they're good or not... haha.
  • iMessage, Google Voice, and FB are life savers.  I get to talk to the people who matter the most through those avenues... every day :). 
  • Preparing to showcase my photography at the Wedding Expo here.  Which is stressful and exciting at the same time!
  • Excited to be photographing a wedding in Riverside this year! Which means I can visit my family and friends... and the beach

I'm excited for everything that is happening and it's only February!  You can follow more of what I've been up to on



Happy Monday!  

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Inland Empire Photog + Beyond Group Shoot

Facebook is a fantastic machine.  It has allowed us to connect on such an incredible level.  Connect with family and friends.  Connect with collegues and past classmates.  Connect with complete strangers we admire and those who we'd love to get to know.  It's these connections that sometimes lead to great discoveries and relationships.  And I absotelutely love it.

Over a year ago, I created a photography group.  The main reason was because I wanted to find more photographer friends.  People who would never tire talking about aperture and lighting.  Connect with people who just get me.  On a photography level.  And we could learn, grow, and connect.  That was the sole reason.  

This year, I made it my goal to begin organizing group shoots.  So we could connect face to face.  Learn and really be a community.  

Each and every Group Shoot we've had I have met so many great people.  Have been able to connect with new members, members who I've only seen through FB, and members I personally know.   However, what is greater is that all those who attend connect with each other as well!  It feels all pay-it-forward-ish.   And I love it.  

So if you're interested in being a part of the group, please go to the


and ask to join.  It's a public group and everyone is welcome.  From novice to advanced to professional, everyone is welcome.  

Here are some photos from May Group Shoot we had in LA.  I never got around to posting them :).  

Models: Elahyna, Rosey, Desmon, & Cynthia

5 Tips | Assisting and Second Shooting


1.  Second Shooting (Assisting)

I know that this lesson is pretty much the standard lesson to learn.  I was so fortunate to have interned with Kristen at Kristen Mary Photography for 150 hours in order to get my degree.  She was kind and very experienced.  She has 14 years of experience in the wedding industry!  I was also able to assist Luke Duval at a shoot in LA and see how the fashion/editorial photographers worked.   

What I am trying to get is this: Watching and learning from others is so invaluable in photography.  They teach you how to be a better photographer, how to see things from a different perspective, and ultimately show you all the bad habits and how to correct them.  With Kristen, I learned the wedding schedule, the must have shots, what a wedding day entails.  I learned to fluff a dress, style a veil, and use two flashes at once.  With Luke, I learned how to set up lights, which wardrobe goes with what background, and all the inner workings of a fashion shoot. The more people you shoot with, the more you learn.  And the more you learn, the better you get.  Just don't forget to be a grateful and helpful student :).

2.  Make Photo Friends

 I don't know about you but I can talk until my voice goes out about photography.  I can talk about the techie side, the photos I like, famous photographers that inspire me, and so on.  Only, I'm sure most of my friends won't know what I'm talking about.  

Hence: Make Photo Friends!  I am a part of a few groups on Facebook that allow me to talk shop with others who share in my passion and love for the craft of photography.  Those that can offer a critique or perhaps a location to shoot in.  And it's much more fun when they actually understand what f stop means and when I talk about bouncing light.  

3.  Social Networking and Netiquette

Social networking has been such a big staple in today's society.  If you don't have a Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blog, or Skype, it's like people don't know what you've been up to.  It's a lot to do being on all of these sites and even I myself have a hard time keeping up.  But they are necessary!  They help spread the word about your recent work, they allow you to stay on top of news and friends, and even on top of industry news.  

However, when used incorrectly, they may not work in your favor.  Remember that good manners also extends to the web.  It's called netiquette.  This is exactly why when I'm having a bad day, I don't post about it.  I don't curse nor do I allow others to post inappropriate things on my page or photos.  I am in full control of the content.  Many of my clients and their friends are linked to my Facebook profile and photography page.  I make it a point to stay professional yet friendly and hep enough to keep people coming back.  No one likes to read about your bad day, unless something funny happened. 

4.  Business is Business

Photography is fun.  Anyone can do it.  Conversely, not everyone can run a business.  Doing photography and doing it as a professional are two different things.   If you are considering jumping in and doing it as your profession, there are many a things to consider before making your Facebook Fan Page.  Do you have a business license?  How about a seller's permit for the prints you sell?  What about  a separate checking account?  Are you prepared with liability insurance?  What if your stuff gets stolen or damaged?  

Do your research for the city, county, and state you live in and find out what you need to really make yourself the professional photographer.  A cool website is not enough to make you professional.  Plus, all of these documents can help save your butt in case of any emergencies.

5.  Style takes time

Every famous photographer has their style.  Style, takes time to build, perfect, and it is something that constantly changes.  I did not always have a style.  It took me years of practice, trying out new things, new gear, different models, clients and locations until I finally realized what my style was.  And in a few years from now, it will evolve and become something a little different.  Don't pressure yourself to define your style if you're just starting out.  From one photog to another, it takes time. 


Inland Empire Photog (& Beyond) | Summer Beach Themed Shoot

The Inland Empire Photog (& Beyond) group I participate in on FB had a Summer Beach Themed Shoot this past Saturday and we had a great turn out!  Delphine was the perfect model and Laguna provided the best background with beautiful light and amazing weather!

We get together to shoot, discuss photography, enjoy shooting, and just have fun! You can never have too many fun photography friends!

Here are my favorites.  Go on over to the group and view the rest in the photo album!  The beautiful Delphine showing us her modeling skills.

 Victor stricking a pose

 My favorite from the entire session right here below!

 Tom below showing Delphine his exposure

Inland Empire Photog (& Beyond)

And just like Buzz Lightyear, the Inland Empire Photog (& Beyond) was started.  

I created a group on Facebook for all of those who live in the Inland Empire and were tired of having to drive out to OC or LA to get together.  We have a lot of talent in the IE and it needs to be shown!  

The groups mission is to teach, learn, and grow.  Which is also why it is open to the public and anyone of any photography level is welcome to join.  Models, make up artists, and anyone in the field is also welcome to join.  

And... the events are free.  That was also another premise to creating the group.  I grew tired of seeing group get togethers that were miles and miles away and still had to pay.  This is definitely not a mentor group... just yet.  This is a group of fellow photography lovers who want to learn from each other, share some techniques, and just shoot together.  To talk photography until we lose our voices and to create a community amongst each other.

So I invite you all to be a part of the group.  To teach, learn, and grow as a community of photographers and beyond.

Here is the next event we have coming up.  If you would like to be a part of it, join the group and I'll invite you to the event :).  Everyone is welcome!

Here is the link to the event: