Inland Empire Photog (& Beyond)

And just like Buzz Lightyear, the Inland Empire Photog (& Beyond) was started.  

I created a group on Facebook for all of those who live in the Inland Empire and were tired of having to drive out to OC or LA to get together.  We have a lot of talent in the IE and it needs to be shown!  

The groups mission is to teach, learn, and grow.  Which is also why it is open to the public and anyone of any photography level is welcome to join.  Models, make up artists, and anyone in the field is also welcome to join.  

And... the events are free.  That was also another premise to creating the group.  I grew tired of seeing group get togethers that were miles and miles away and still had to pay.  This is definitely not a mentor group... just yet.  This is a group of fellow photography lovers who want to learn from each other, share some techniques, and just shoot together.  To talk photography until we lose our voices and to create a community amongst each other.

So I invite you all to be a part of the group.  To teach, learn, and grow as a community of photographers and beyond.

Here is the next event we have coming up.  If you would like to be a part of it, join the group and I'll invite you to the event :).  Everyone is welcome!

Here is the link to the event: