Hello 2011


You sneaky year you.

I remember sitting in front of the big square television watching Arnold yell "Get Down!" and thinking that the year 2000 was millions of years away.  Not realizing that I'd be living and experiencing them.  Never thinking, "Happy 2011!"

But it's here.  Not the Terminators, thank goodness!  I'm talking about 2011.  A whole 'nother year.  Another year of setting goals, resolutions, and dreams.  And so with that, I give you my goals for this year. In no particular order.  I'm kinda just going with the flow here so just overlook the typos and grammatical mistakes :)

  • Laugh More.  I love to laugh and I'm thinking that laughing does a  body good.  Like ice cream on a hot summer day.  So I'm going to laugh more.  I've already started :)
  • Read More.  I intend on reading all of the books I have sitting in my bedroom that include Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code, and other various titles.  Currently finishing up The Empress.  I love to read actually but in the last decade school kept me pretty limited to what they wanted me to read and so now that that is over and done with I will make time to read a few pages every night.   I think this does the soul some good.
  • Speaking of Soul.  I plan on finding myself and God.  I didn't grow up religious or with the preconceived notion that God exists.  It wasn't natural for me to pray, to believe or to even think that He exists.  Over the course of 2010, and many prayers answered, I have come to the notion that if it's not God then whoever it is is working and I'm not rocking the boat.  I won't go and say that I'm going join a church just yet... but i'm definitely going to find out what I truly believe and do some much needed soul searching of my own.
  • Making life be remembered.  I want to make my life remembered.  I journal naturally and have done so since I was 15.  I am making a goal of writing not only my thoughts but my days.  Maybe create something like this just to remember each day. 
  • Take time.  I like to do things alone.  Take myself away from everything and just have some Me Time.  It's like checking out for a bit and breathing life in.  I used to do this more and need to again.
  • Donate.  And not with money.  But with time.
  •  Reconnect.  And not on fb, twitter, or by text but in person with my friends and family :)
  • Dream bigger. 

That's all I have for now.  I'm sure the list will continue to grow as the year progresses.  So far, I've had a pretty good start and I'm looking forward to remembering this year much  better than last year.  

Happy 2011 everyone :)