Hello Nurse! | Men's Fashion Photographer

I'm not sure exactly when my friend Mayra, of Mayra Ariza Photography, and I decided we HAD to shoot a men's fashion styled session.  

You see, as wedding photographers, most of the day's emphasis is on the bride and all of the details that go into the big day.  As portrait photographers, most of the clients we get are women.  Men, not so much.

So we wanted to challenge ourselves.  Take ourselves out of the comfort zone and do something different.  That's when the Burberry/Winter men's fashion styled shoot was born.  All we needed, were models. 

We photographed at the Riverside Historic Court House and in the hallway of another building around the corner.  Mayra and I took turns with each of the guys to flex our skills in posing, positioning, directing, and angles.  It was a challenging shoot to say the least.  I can pose a woman like it's going out of style, but men, that's a whole different game.  It was great practice!  As luck would have it, the foggy weather proved to be helpful in creating some moody photos.  

First up, Derrick!  Who brought a hat and his car to the shoot.  He gave us lots to work with.  I chose to process his photos with a little desaturated contrast.  Make them more grey like his clothes.  

Second up, Joe!  For some reason, I feel that Joe's set is more powerful in black in white.  I don't usually like to use black and white when people have colored eyes, but the lighting I experimented with just pops out more in black and white.  So, black and white it was.    

I wish both the these dudes the best in their modeling and acting career!  They were such an awesome duo and the four of us got along famously.  They worked hard in helping us with posing and really brought their A game.  If you ever need a model, make sure to contact these two!  

You can find Derrick HERE.
You can find Joe HERE.