Being Intensely Thankful | Thanksgiving 2011

A friend of mine and I were were having a conversation last week where we shared memories that were triggered by a particular song.  His was of love had and lost and mine was of adventure and new experiences.  

Then, he proceeded to tell me, "You're a very intense person."  

I looked up at him, puzzled.  "Not in a bad way,"  he added.  I thought for a moment and just like that, he was right.  I had no defense.  He was so right.  I am an intense person.  

You see, up until that moment, I had no way of describing the way I see things.  How I remember my life's tiniest fleeting moments.   Perhaps, I watch way too many movies.  Maybe, in another life, I was a cinematographer.  Because that is how I remember fractions of my life.  As if I were the main character in my own movie.  Clips and cuts of fading memories.  Memories I record with intense detail.  Complete with a soundtrack.  

After some time, I agreeably said, "It's the little things... the little things in life."  He nodded.  And I took a bite of my salmon.  

This intensity allows me to be passionate, enthusiastic, and to love with a whole lot of heart.  To learn and grow.  To appreciate.  

Appreciate life.  Appreciate the people in life.  Appreciate small moments in time.

So today, I'm thankful for being able to appreciate so much in my life.  For being able to be intense about life, love, family, and all the little things that make up my life.   You never know when a little thing may just be the biggest thing in your life.  

Be intense... in a good way, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving!