Sunny | Riverside Portrait Photographer

When I switched my major in college, my parents would tell me to keep public relations as my main focus and photography as a back up.  They said it like it was going out of style.  They asked me to weigh the options.  They didn't want me to be another starving artist.  Luckily, they saw potential and supported me when I didn't listen and began my photographic journey.

Oh how I would have slapped my 20 year old self!  I should have switched my major long before 20!  Photography is a craft that I aim to grow and get better with every day that passes.  Since then I have been struggling, I've been the starving artist, and yet, I am fulfilled.  Like I will be after Thanksgiving.  

I continue to push through.  I've had doubts.  After one wedding, I came home devastated thinking that I hadn't done as much as I wanted.  That I didn't get enough.  That what I got was crappy.  And that my client would hate me.  But I have also had fulfilled days.  Days like yesterday.  Days like today.  Where everything seems to fall right back into place.  

So don't worry if you aren't where you want to be, because neither am I.  Don't worry if you're struggling, because there will always be hurdles.  And don't ever be afraid to jump and run after your dreams.  If you haven't got dreams, then what's the point in living?

Dream big.  Aim high.  and live fulfilled.  Even on bad days.

This is Sunny.  She's a beautiful model I had the pleasure of photographing.