Mr. & Mrs. De La Cueva | Part I | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

This day started like wedding days usually start... with me running around getting ready, packing the water bag, and loading everything into the car.  Then running back in to the house remembering I forgot the directions.  Or some kind of dirivative of that scenaro.  No matter how much I prep myself with check lists, to-do lists, and reminder lists, I still run around like a crazy person.  It's the nerves, I'm sure!

As soon as I walked into the hotel room where Analin was getting ready, her sister, Vivian passed by me in mermaid dress and it was a beautiful burnt orange.  ORANGE!  I gasped and immediately ran to Analin to let her know that she made my day!  You see, the color orange, happens to be MY FAVORITE COLOR!  Analin and I were meant to be, obviously!

The day kept unwinding very smoothly and ahead of schedule.  Unfolding such wonderful surprises along the way with the bling all the girls wore, the beautiful church, and who doesn't like a candy bar?! This is only Part One...

Church:  St. John Baptist, Baldwin Park

Florals:  The Blooming Branch

Coordinator: Maricela Montenegro

Make Up & Hair: Violeta Gariel of Arcadia Styling Salon

Portrait Location:  Pasadena City Hall

Reception:  Diamond Bar Center

A very special thank you to Regina & Chris of Chris Holt Photography for being my assistants :).  

Hello bling!

How lucky were we?  The hotel room in which Analin and her sisters got ready in had an ORANGE couch! 

The entire time, the girls were laughing and joking around.  My kind of gals :)

Analin:  You're GORGEOUS!

 And because I'm a meanie... I'm leaving you hanging with this one.