Seniors! It's still not too late to have your session!

You still have time to get your senior portraits done!  It is such an exciting time and having it documented can be such a great way to remember it.  I had my portraits taken back in 2009 when I was graduating college and it felt great to have a memory of what I felt.  Of how it marked a pivotal point in my life.  I look at those photos now and remember college, the friendships I made, the professors that influenced me, and how young and promising I looked.

Sure the cap and gown photo is classic, but senior photos are about you and what makes your time in high school or college memorable.  It's a time when you can represent yourself and all that it means to you.  

It's about standing out and being you.

So there is still time to have them done before the big day arrives!  Contact me for more information and available dates 951.732.7039!