Sandra + Julio Engagement Session | La Presa Rejon, Chihuahua, Mexico

At the Expo, that we had the fortune of participating in, we raffled off an engagement session and Sandra + Julio won!  We received their phone call about two weeks later and we met up at Starbucks.  We met up to talk more about their engagement session and what they pictured as their backdrop.

When I  meet with a couple, I like to narrow down what they really want.  The kind of background they want or better, what kind of look they're going for.  Something more green and natural or city and modern.  Each couple has their style so I make sure to know exactly what it is.  

Sandra + Julio are adorable.  They are so beautiful together.  The way Julio makes sure Sandra doesn't fall walking the dirt path in her heels.  Kissing her on her forehead ever so tenderly, and how he makes her laugh is all full of love.  God brought them together at a retreat, even though, Sandra didn't know it at the time that Julio was already in love at first sight of her.  Now, she is deeply and madly in love with Julio.  

They already have a photographer for their wedding, however, I hope that we stay in contact! They were truly such a pleasure to photograph! 

Here are my favorites :)

And a some behind the scenes, with my AWESOME assistant ;)