Limited Time Mini - Portrait Sessions! | Inland Empire Portrait Photographer

When I moved, I was well aware that going back home was only a day away by bus.  Which is how I usually travel from Mexico to the States and vice versa.  It's just been the way since I was a child and we'd go to Mexico to visit my grandparents and my uncles.  It's a long ride but I use it to reflect and enjoy the beauty of the moon over the ridge as we drive through the desert at 3am.  

Being a day away allows me to still shoot weddings and portraits in California and visit my family!  So, I'm coming back!  I'll be there to visit family and enjoy that time with them but I couldn't forget about you, my clients!  I have created very special and limited time Mini Sessions!  

Take advantage of this time because I am not quite sure when I will be returning to California!  If it's time to update your family photos, or take those maternity photos, or have some really cute portraits of just you... now is the time!  

Book your session right here.  Use the drop down menu to select the time:

Friday, May 31

Saturday, June 1st

Sunday, June 2nd