Life is filled with opportunities | Chihuahua Wedding Photographer

In life, we are presented with opportunities.  Some we overlook and decide that it isn't the right time.  Others pass us by with out even a moments notice.  And before we know it, it's gone.  Whoosh.  Just like that.  However, sometimes we are presented with opportunities that often seem like obstacles.  A chore.  Something we have to actually put effort and energy toward to over come them.  What we don't realize, is that each one of these so-called obstacles are in fact opportunities.  They are disguised so that we do not see them in positive light.  They are mischievous and throw us curve balls every chance we get.  Yet, they are opportunities designed to teach us something new.  To help us grow and see things in a different light.  They are meant to be difficult, trying, and sometimes even break us down.  So after we over come them and accept that they've only been playing dress up this whole time, we can see how we have become better because of their little games.  We can see that they were truly in fact opportunities.  That they were some of the best ones in our lives.  Not allowing us to ignore them... not allowing them to simply pass us by.  

Love is like that.  Love can sometimes seem like an obstacle.  However, no matter what it can conjure up to throw us another curve ball, love is love.  It's big, noisy, and most often, slaps us in the face when we least expect it.  That is the kind of love that doesn't like to be passed by.  That is the kind that sticks around and makes you work for it.  No matter how far it may have beaten you down in the past, or how much you try to avoid it, some day, it will come find you.  And you will see it as the best and most beautiful opportunity you have ever been fortunate to receive.  

I have had such an amazing time here in Mexico.  Learning and growing in many different facets of my life.  Of myself.  Of my profession.  Teaching and sparking some interest in what I am so passionate about.  When clients give you the opportunity to see what their love is like it really takes my breath away. It makes me honored to be a part of their lives. 

I had such an amazing time with these two last weekend.  Part two of their session is this coming Saturday and I can't wait!