Carmen + Alonso | Namurachi + Avalos Engagement Session, Chihuahua Wedding Photographer

I wish I had the gift of expression in written form so that I could accurately and eloquently describe the feeling behind this session.  I am not sure of where to even begin as there is so much I want to tell you.

I met these two on the first day of the


when the crowd grew into more than what my mind could process in our tiny 9x9 space.  We had our sales pitch down to a science.  The bf would greet and pull the crowd in and we would sit and begin with pricing.  Then I would come up and introduce myself, asking them about the details of their wedding.  The date, the location, what they were looking for.  The whole bit.  Like clockwork.  That is until Carmen told me that she was thinking of going to the

Namurachi Canyon

to have their engagement session.  I. Was. Ecstatic!  I was more excited than a 5 year old who steps into Disneyland for the very first time.  Times infinity.  Yeah, I just went all middle school.

The hopeless romantic in me can't help but explain to you the incredible history that the Namurachi Canyon has.  During the

Guerra Cristera

, couples would travel days and days in secret in order to reach the canyon's altar in order to get married by the church.  It was such an important task, that even when it was forbidden by law, they would risk everything including their lives in order to be married in the eyes of God.  How amazing is that?  Consider yourself, would you risk everything to be married by your church?  I am still so impacted by the history.  

So naturally, the whole time we spoke about the details of their wedding, inside I was pleading that they would hire me.  Their sweet and romantic disposition also made want to become their friend instantly.  And like so many couples during the Expo, they stood up, thanked me for my time, and walked on.  So when they came back and reserved their date, I hugged them and thanked them for the amazing opportunity to get to become their friend, and be a part of their beautiful journey.

The second part of the session was done in Avalos.  An old abandoned steel mill that is a bit creepy mixed with cool textures and amazing old structures.  And beautiful light ;)

Carmen + Alonso:  Gracias por darme la oportunidad de ser tu fotografa.  De documentar tu amor es un honor y conocerlos a sido algo muy especial para mi.  Estoy super emocionada por la boda en Octubre! Muchos abrazos! 

Alonso has this way of taking care of Carmen.  He brushed her hair out of her face as she warmed up to the camera.  And Carmen has this way of looking at Alonso with so much love that it radiates from within her soul.  They are beautiful and I am so honored to know them.