Blogstomp | Blogging made easier

I just recently, as in this week, came across this amazing app!  I have heard of Blogstomp before and didn't really feel like diving into something new that I'd have to learn how to use and blah blah blah, insert useless excuse here.  Finally, this week, I re-discovered this amazing app and played with their free trial version.  The trial version was easy to use and after reading many reviews, I made the business decision to purchase this amazing little app.

What is Blogstomp, you ask?  It's a simple blogging app that allows you to drag and drop the files you wish to use and create beautiful blogging collages.  The app does all the placing and creating for you.  You can reorder the photos to change them from positions in the collages and even set the border width and spacing between the photos.  Add your own logo and even use one of their backgrounds. The app also gives you more collage options on the right side so you can pick which template is best for the photos you've selected.  You can do one, two, even 20 photos at once if you want.  It's cut my blogging time in literally half.  

The reason I would take forever to blog a session or wedding was because I would open the four templates I had in Photoshop and place each photo, then resize, then save for web and then upload. See all those really time consuming steps?  Yeah, I'm so glad that I've come to my senses and got the full version of this app.  Now, I simply drag and drop and the app does all the hard work for me.  Even sharpens the image and I can set the width of the files. 

Easy and simple.

I am in no way obligated to say these things about Blogstomp.  This is simply my own review of the app and I have to say, as a wedding photographer that usually blogs anywhere between 30 and 40 images per wedding, this is a time saver.  If you are a heavy photo blogger, I highly recommend you use Blogstomp and stop spending all of those hours in front of the computer.

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