Pinhole Press | Resource for Shoot + Burn Clients

For my clients in California that I photograph, get ready to be blown away....

Pinhole Press

is a company that offers clients who have digital images to upload and create stunning albums, prints, greeting cards, calendars, etc. and all at great pricing.  All of their products are pre-made templates where you simply drag and drop your images and you can create something out of those stored away images on your computer.

Many times, myself included, we want something easy, quick and simple to do with our photos.  Maybe we are too busy at work to learn photoshop to design an album, or you just don't know where to begin.  

Pinhole Press

is your answer!  To all of my clients that I deliver digital images to, this is a great website to design away and even have your prints custom framed.  They have so many options, of which I have highlighted some in the photo below.  

So just click on the following link and get started on creating something beautiful with your images!

If you're asked to put in a photographers code, just use Jackie Lamas Photo :) 

Here is a screen shot of the website itself...

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