UVM BiCultural Class of 2014 | Senior Portrait Photographer

There is something special about teaching.  Especially when you teach the minds of high school kids.  These young adults are impressionable, moldable, and yet are fighting tooth and nail to be heard, to be their own person, and to navigate in a world where they're not sure where they fit in just yet.

These are also the same young adults that change the future.  They grow up, educate themselves, and are pushed into the world to change it.  During the last two semesters, I've had the pleasure of working with this kids.  Talking, and getting to know them as a group and as individuals.  And I will say this: they will leave their mark on this world some day.

Good luck guys, in everything that you do.  Do it with integrity, never lose your dignity, and always, always be true to who you are no matter what.  Don't give in to the naysayers and always look forward.  For the time has come for you to change the world.