Gaby + Fer | Majalca Engagement Session

I absolutely love engagement sessions.  When I meet with potential clients, I make sure to express how important an engagement session is.  Not just for the photographer, but for the couple.  Aside from the wedding day, the engagement session the only real time you have before your wedding that photographs a couple the way a couple really is.  How their love really is.  It allows the couple to have extra photos of them that are a bit more relaxed.  It helps us to get to know each other on a deeper personal level rather than just meeting on the wedding day.  Helps me ask nosy questions like how they met, and how did he propose (or she!) and anything else that doesn't have to do with the wedding day.  All while getting romantic and intimate portraits of how they are, together, as one.  Before all the stress and wedding dress, and flowers.  

This engagement session is no less beautiful!  Gaby and Fer took us to the canyons of Majalca which are just gorgeous during this time of year.  With a small river flowing by and beautiful light coming through the trees, it was a dream!  And how they are together is nothing but full of love.  Check it out :).