Engagement Season is here!

Good morning!

Engagement season is here!  This is one of my favorite times of the whole year because it's when the bling starts to make it's appearance on social media!  From around Halloween all the way to Valentines day, couples are getting engaged all over the world!

To you I say, CONGRATS!!! Being engaged is such a wonderful time for a couple because of the excitement and emotions that go into being more than just a boy/girlfriend.  The whole idea of creating a home and a life together is pretty darn exciting!

Then... the pressure kicks in.  Wedding date, wedding planning, the children talk with people everywhere, and so on!  I get it, I was there!  And I'm here for you :).  I'm going to share some links with you that will hopefully take a little bit of that pressure off your shoulders.  

Rock your engagement session

Real Wedding Inspiration P. 1

Real Wedding Inspiration P. 2

Should you plan for a destination wedding?

Why do you need to invest in quality photography for your wedding?

Kate Moss’ wedding - For inspiration

Martha Stewart Weddings Blog, seriously this lady thinks of it all!

and, if it weren’t enough that her blog is magic, here is a PDF of her workbook for all of your wedding planning needs!

If you have any additional tips or links that would help, share them in the comments below! We gotta help our newly engaged couples really be excited, not stressed :).  I'll be doing another post soon on the Do's and Don'ts for your wedding day.  Gonna be loaded with a ton of info, so stay posted!

Below are recent engagement sessions I've photographed... click on the photo to view more from each session :).