5 Tips to Rock Your Engagement Session!

It's no big surprise that couples are nervous about having their photos taken.  I totally get it as I once had to be in front of the camera.  However, with time I have come to understand what can make your engagement session a hit and how to have fun during the session.  

Here are some tips that will help you to rock your session and love your photos!


This session is a great way to fall in love again, have fun, and get some amazing photos of the two of you.  Which can only be achieved by making sure you hire someone who gets you, watches the same shows as you do, likes to go on hikes or loves Doctor Who just as much as you do.  In turn, hiring someone who you get along with makes for a new friendship to foster and after sometime, you won't even notice the camera.  Helping get those genuine photographs of the love between you.  

Of course, style, experience, and budget come into play when looking for a photographer, just make sure you factor in their personality too.  This can be the difference between a fun experience or an awkward one.  


Another great way to rock your engagement session and love your photos is to have your makeup and hair done by someone you trust.  This is mostly for the ladies, but goes for the men as well.  Go for a look to match your wardrobe or styling of the engagement session.  If you are going to ethereal and earthy, go for a bohemian bride or loose curls.  If you're going for urban glam, perhaps a chignon and some red lipstick.  Whatever the style, make sure that it goes hand in hand with your styling.  Men: please don't get your haircut the same week as the session! This is super important because you may not like the way they cut your hair and now you have weird hair for the entire session... not fun!

Now here is a tip that probably not many photographers will dish out.  


Avoiding to kiss your partner because you don't want your lipstick to come off, or not wanting to hug them because you won't want the blush to come off... this only creates weird expressions and will make the session stressful.  Instead let the moments unravel naturally! That makeup isn't going to go anywhere, trust me.  So kiss, hug, and have fun! 

As for wardrobe, take as much as you can! Having more outfits is better than not having enough.  Also, make sure you are comfortable wearing the outfits.  It is noticeable when something is uncomfortable or something isn't right. 


Where should you have your session?  I get this question more often than not and it's a tough one to answer.  Here is what I usually ask my clients when trying to figure out the location:

  • Is there a location that holds a special memory of the relationship?  Maybe the place where you had your first date, or where he proposed, or your first anniversary.  
  • Do you like urban (city, cars, people, downtowns, high buildings) or more earthy (fields, gardens, green, pasture, barns)? 
  • What are your favorite colors?

Sometimes, there is more than one location you would like to photograph in.  Ask your photographer if this is something they do.  I've done up to three locations because my clients wanted something different.  And I love giving them that kind of variety to show off their love!


From vintage cars to lanterns, to big letters and suitcases, props and accessories can help set the stage for the entire session.  They can be themed to what you have envisioned or simply add to the session.  You can also incorporate items that mean something to the both of you as a couple.

Ask your photographer if they have any props too and what ideas you have.  These helps the photographer find inspiration and really go after what you're thinking. 


Anytime you do an engagement session, it is equally important to include the whole family.  Ask your photographer if they are okay with photographing your children during the same session or if you have pups you'd love to have come with you.  Of course, you could make the session just the two of you as well.  All depends on how you want your session to unfold and what you would like to have photographed.  

If you are going to bring your children and/or your pups, make sure you take an extra pair of hands to help when they are not being included in the photos.  Someone to look after them while you are hamming it up for the camera.  

Well, that's all I have for you today!  I hope that these tips help you have an awesome experience at your engagement session!  I would love to hear your own personal tips if you've already experienced an engagement session.  Post a comment below!