Love Found : A TPG Shoot-out

I didn't think I was going to be able to make it yesterday. But I'm glad I did! I made the long drive from Riverside to Fullerton yesterday in midday sun, which was blazing at 93 degrees, in my car with no air conditioning. Well, I have AC but my car over heats every time I use it.

After three water bottles we started shooting. Our models, Paulie and Crystal, were great! They were dressed so well for the shoot and I had a great time. Paulie is a musician who plays guitar and sings.

There were about 10 other photographers out dealing with the harsh sunlight. It was more of a workshop if you ask me because we were able to get some guidance from our adviser, Davis Barber, and another photographer that works out in Orange County.

I tried out some new angles and also took some shots with gold and white reflectors. I also had fun using a strobe. And, it felt good to be around my peers. I'm not sure exactly what the objective was but it felt more like a workshop where we all go and shoot together and just have fun creating something. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks Davis for treating us to some great appetizers from Table Ten Restaurant, and thanks Matt for coordinating the shoot out. I can't wait to see what every one else's pictures look like!

Here are my set of photos. I hope you enjoy!

And here are some candid shots from the day. :o)