Gettin' My Art On!

As part of my art class, we are to go to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and see first hand the sculptures, paintings, and installations that we've learned about in lecture.

Surprisingly, I have never been to an art museum. But now I can check that off of my goals list! So the whole time I'm looking at art, I'm staring outside and wishing I could be out making my own art in LA! The museum was fun but the real fun of the day was when I joined in on a guy with a point and shoot taking photos of these three girls he rounded up outside of the museum and I definitely got my art on with the last bit of light! Art is so much better with people in it, especially when they're cute girls :). Speaking of which, shout out to the girls: I didn't catch your names and I'd really like to know so email me at whenever you can!

Happy Sunday!

The Grove in LA (which I absolutely love!).  La Loteria Grill, great Mexican eats at the Farmer's Market. Gas Lamps outside of the LACMA, Richard Serra installation.