Inspiration Thursdays

When I first decided that photography was it, my calling, I was shy and thought landscapes and table top still life was the way to. This way, I wouldn't have to interact with people, tell them how to pose, invade their personal space and get all up in their face. Even though I'm a hugger type of gal.

Then I thought, why not look up all the awesome photographers and see what they're doing. And so I did, and I came across some amazing photographers. I studied their posing, lighting, locations, and whenever possible, saw videos of them working.

And to this day I still look up photographers for inspiration and guidence. And because I do it daily, I thought why not blog about those who inspire me. So... I've now dedicated Thursdays as my Inspiration Thursday and share who I check out and maybe it'll inspire other people as well.

This week's Inspiration is...

Melissa Rodwell! She has been in fashion since 1987 and hasn't looked back since. She also has a Fashion Photography Blog where you can see videos of her shoots and learn more about the fashion photography world. Do check both links out!

Shot only using one big octagon softbox.

Isn't this one fabulous?! It's from a Romeo & Juliet themed shoot.

Hope you're inspired! Happy Thursday!