Case of the Monday's

Hello Monday!

I had such a great weekend and I am so sad it's over yet I am excited for this week. I had a family shoot on Sunday, a bitchin model shoot today, and later in the week a meeting with a bride-to-be. If every weekend were like this past one, I'd be one happy gal.

In other news, I saw Dear John last week and I must say it was one good chick flick! If you liked The Notebook, then you're sure to like Dear John. It was a tear jerker without all the cheesiness. Definitely one to watch during this time of year.

Crazy California and it's crazy weather. It is a major inconvenience to wake up and not know whether to put on some rainboots or a tanktop. However, I do thinks it's cool that I can either go to the beach or to the snow.

And Monday's are better with sneak peeks :)