My Uncool Life

I follow a lot of blogs. Not just two or three, I follow close to 20 blogs. Religiously. And every time I read one of those pro photog blogs, I feel like their life is so cool, like celebrity status cool. They touch on the personal, they connect with others, and they write so eliquently that it is almost poetic.

I, on the other hand, am not that cool. I laugh at my own jokes when no one else is and have no fashion sense. I don't have a husband, or a kid, and my dog tends to get dirty on the days I want to photograph him. I have been a student my whole life and am a little introverted. Soooo uncool, right? Nodding of the head will suffice.

Anyway, all of this made me think, maybe my life is uncool but at least I'm happy. I get to hang with my mother every day (mainly because we live with each other) and I have the best job ever. I may have no fashion sense but at least I'm comfortable. And even though my dog has a habit of getting dirty, he is very affectionate and when I need a little bit of love he's always there.

So, with this new realization, I have decided to get a little more personal and connect with you internet. But I will leave that to the next posts :). For now, I have the greatest pleasure of re-introducing my cousin's daughter as a 1 year old!

Happy Friday!