Moran Family Sneak Preview | Riverside Family Portrait Photographer

My sister and I are 3 years and 9 months apart.  When I was learning to crawl, she was playing with Barbies.  When I started playing with Barbies, she was experimenting with make up.  When I started making up my face, she was kissing boys.  And, well, when I started thinking about boyfriends, she moved out.  We kept a notebook of letters and would give it to each other when we'd visit.  And I spent that summer at her apartment.  

We didn't play together and because of the age difference, we were in different stages in life.  Now that we're older, and now in the same age bracket, we get each other.  Often we say to each other with deep conviction, "we're all we've got."  Many times we fancied the idea of the infamous what-ifs.  What if we had a brother, what would he be like?  What if he were older?  What if we were the only child?  And right then, together, we declare, that it would just be way too lonely.

For the Moran family, they know the meaning of family, love, and most of all fun.  And they do it with style! 

Here's a sneak preview of this beautiful family!
More coming soon!  

Happy Wednesday!